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Episode 14: Yuzurenai Negai

by Naomi Tamura
Magic Knight Rayearth OP
karaoke cover by dtns0

bonus song:
Rayearth Tagalog Theme Song by Daisy May Carino, Cynthia Villaueva, and Maripette Narvassa
Rayearth OP

recorded at Quantum Amusement, SM Fairview January 13, 2018
TJ Media song #61795

singer comments:

ABS-CBN channel 2 had this habit of turning a stanza or two of theme songs of anime in the late 90’s into Tagalog. Kids from that era could argue which is the best (I’m partial to Bt’X), Rayearth’s Tagalog theme is pretty hard to beat as it is a complete theme song. (Still not as good as Sailormoon’s, though)

As for the series itself, well, it’s the other magical girl deconstruction from Clamp, and a proto-isekai to boot. Without spoiling anything, it does go deep into deconstruction territory later in the seasons/series.

Got sick the week before so this is another double-video. The theme for this week is Sunday anime that I didn’t get to watch much because I had to go to church on Sunday morning. Hence, SM Fairview - a mall that is way out of reach for me even now that I’m much older.

Also, these series are among the likes of Gundam Wing that tested the waters for the incoming wave of anime in the next few years.

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