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Episode 13: Forever Love

X Movie Theme
karaoke cover by dtns0

recorded at Fun Time, SM Cubao, December 29, 2017
TJ Media song #62575

singer comments:

Ah, X. The story that has multiple endings but hasn’t officially ended yet. Clamp will finish it one day. Maybe.

This song’s from the movie i.e. one of the maybe-canon endings of the story. And somehow they got rock legends X JAPAN for the theme song. Without going into spoilers, I’ll have to say the song fit the movie well.

Why SM Cubao? The area just reminds me of bootleg CD vendors and I’m sure many local X JAPAN fans became like that because they saw that bootleg MP3 compilation CD from one such local vendor and got it for 50 bucks.

On a final note, someone used a sample/made a ripoff of this song: Tanging sa’yo. It didn’t become as popular as say We Belong (First Love) or Sayang na Sayang (Sayonara Natsu no Hi), but somehow it got some airtime back then.

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