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Episode 15: Piece of Heaven

by Weiß
Weiß kreuz OP2
karaoke cover by dtns0

recorded at Fun Time, Quantum Amusement, SM Fairview January 13, 2018
TJ Media song #62100

singer comments:

The other Sunday morning anime.

Takehito Koyasu’s vanity project, Weiß kreuz (Knight Hunters locally and in other territories) was designed to appeal to a wide audience, kind of like how Gundam Wing did its pretty boys + action thing. And it paid off.

Aside from that, well, this is just another of those somewhat successful series that don’t have that much of a long lasting impact in hindsight. (We don’t talk about the Gluhen redesign)

The theme songs from Koyasu’s seiyuu boyband are enjoyable, though. I would’ve loved it if TJ Media had Velvet Underworld or Beautiful Alone, but this song is ok. It’s peculiar existence makes me think that a Korean weeb just randomly inserted it in the list of J-Pop songs along with some other niche songs. (Some of which I might just sing in the future)

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