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Episode 7: Voltes V no Uta

by Mitsuko Horie
Voltes V OP, Platinum karaoke version
karaoke cover by dtns0

recorded at Timezone, Ali Mall, November 25, 2017
Platinum song #5668

singer’s comments:

Voltes V - the series that was banned during martial law and eventually became a meme joke before memes were overused. I don’t have much to say about the series as I never got into it. It isn’t a bad series, it just isn’t notable on its own.

Voltes V no Uta was already iconic in the 90s, but it reached critical mass when a local comedy show, Bubble Gang, used it in their Ang Dating Doon sketch parodying religious shows, with the song parodying religious hymns in those shows. But apart from that… well, Mitsuko Horie sometimes visits the country, and FLOW’s Take sung the first verse and chorus to great effect in their 2016 concert. And that’s that.

This version of the song is not a hidden song. It’s Platinum karaoke’s way of capitalizing on the popularity of the song - just double the first verse and chorus.

Ali Mall is the first shopping mall in the Philippines, sometimes competing with Harrison Plaza for that title. It’s named after Muhammad Ali, whose “Thrilla in Manila” fight with Joe Frazier happened a few blocks away.

Singing the oldest popular anime song in the oldest mall just seemed right to me.

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