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Episode 6: MOONLIGHT Densetsu

Sailormoon OP

bonus song: Sailor Moon Tagalog Theme Song by Angelika Dela Cruz
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon OP

karaoke covers by dtns0

recorded at Timezone, UP Town Center, November 11, 2017
Platinum song #89794 / #24794

singer’s comments:

If Ghost Fighter defined shounen anime in the Philippines, Sailor Moon defined shoujo.

Shown in its entirety in ABC 5 (albeit with year gaps between seasons), Sailor Moon introduced us to the magical girl genre, a mix of “normal” slice of life mixed with the characters being thrust into magical and supernatural situations. The series has a fair bit of depth in it, and the mythology in its universe is interesting. Too bad as a pioneer, many look at it now as part of the norm, just like others think DBZ and YYH are just your typical shounen series.

It’s worth noting that the creators YYH and Sailor Moon, two of the most influential series in the 90s, are married. Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon) is even credited with helping Togashi Yoshihiro (YYH) continue Hunter X Hunter which is continuously on hiatus due to the latter’s illness.

Apart from being yet another ultra-popular song, MOONLIGHT Densetsu is also special for being one of the few anime songs translated into Tagalog. Sung by Angelika Dela Cruz (who eventually started a successful singing and acting career years after recording the theme song), the song was composed by Vehnee Saturno, a veteran songwriter of a lot of popular songs. Comparing with the original song, they did a good job with translating it.

I got lucky with the mall. I had other stuff to do that day and my first choice wasn’t feasible due to the traffic caused by the ASEAN summit. I somehow got to UP Town Center, and fortunately the Japanese songs in Timezone wasn’t disabled.

UP Town Center is notable because it’s the closest mall to my college. It wasn’t my go-to mall back when I was still studying (that’s SM North), but its closeness to my alma mater reminds me of the huge leap in the amount of time I spent on anime after high school. So yeah, a good contrast to Glorietta, and fitting for this episode.

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