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🇯🇵 Japanese Song List - TJ Media Only (only up to 2011)

Entries in italics are machine translated and may not be accurate
Key Song Artist
62015 TJ Cassis ガゼット gazetto
61438 TJ Catch You Catch Me 日向めぐみ Megumi Hinata (as GUMI)
61261 TJ Century Color RAY-GUNS
61119 TJ Cha-la Head-Cha-la 影山ヒロノブ Hironobu Kageyama
62932 TJ Change Every Little Thing
61059 TJ Change the world V6
62673 TJ changes Base Ball Bear
61322 TJ Chase the Chance 安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro
61563 TJ Choo Choo TRAIN EXILE
62343 TJ Choosey Lover 東方神起 touhou kami ki
62299 TJ CHU-LIP 大塚愛 ootsuka ai
61683 TJ Clean & Dirty HARVARD
62316 TJ Climax Jump AAA DEN-O form
61227 TJ COCOON Pierrot
61348 TJ COLORS 宇多田ヒカル Hikaru Utada
62230 TJ Colors of the Heart UVERworld
62859 TJ COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ COLORS Melody and Harmony JEJUNG & YUCHUN
62189 TJ COLORS(コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュOP) COLORS FLOW
61452 TJ come again m-flo
61008 TJ Confession hiro
62718 TJ COOL EDITION 朝倉涼子 asakura ryouko
63082 TJ Core Pride (青の祓魔師 OP) Core Pride ( ao no futsu ma shi OP) UVERworld
61613 TJ Count down Little Voice
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