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Japanese Song List - TJ Media Only (only up to 2011)

Entries in italics are machine translated and may not be accurate
Key Song Artist
61638 TJ Any Mr.Children Mr. Children
60663 TJ Anybody's game 小松未歩 komatsu hitsuji ho
62611 TJ Anytime 倖田來未 kou ta rai hitsuji
60549 TJ appears 浜崎あゆみ hamasaki ayumi
61015 TJ April Theme of "Dear Friends" April Theme of Dear Friends SPEED
61742 TJ ARIGATO B'z
62159 TJ Ark Sound Horizon
61611 TJ Around the world move
61342 TJ Art of Life (radio edit) X-JAPAN X Japan
61411 TJ As for one day モーニング娘。 mo^ningu musume .
60809 TJ AS TIME GOES BY hiro
62652 TJ Ash Like Snow the brilliant green
62007 TJ Asrun Dream Gackt
62627 TJ Astrogation 水樹 奈々 Nana Mizuki
60976 TJ Au revoir Malice Mizer
60241 TJ Automatic 宇多田ヒカル Hikaru Utada
62071 TJ azure moon Every Little Thing
60831 TJ A・RA・SHI ARASHI Arashi
62208 TJ Baby Don't Cry 安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro
60934 TJ Baby! 戀に knock out Baby! koi ni knock out プッチモニ putchimoni
60757 TJ BAD LUCK ON LOVE ト-コ to
61926 TJ BANG!BANG!バカンス! BANG!BANG! bakansu ! SMAP
61657 TJ BANZAI B'z
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