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🇯🇵 Japanese Song List - TJ Media Only (only up to 2011)

Entries in italics are machine translated and may not be accurate
Key Song Artist
60797 TJ All Night Long 鈴木あみ suzuki ami
61527 TJ ALL THE WAY (キノの旅 OP) ALL THE WAY ( kino no tabi OP) 下川みくに shimokawa mikuni
61288 TJ All You Need Is Love 田村直美 tamura naomi
62296 TJ Allegro Cantabile SUEMITSU&THE SUEMITH
61457 TJ Alone(幻想魔伝最遊記 ED) Alone 下川 みくに Mikuni Shimokawa
62511 TJ ALONES Aqua Timez
62895 TJ ALWAYS 中島美嘉 Mika Nakashima
60963 TJ always 倉木麻衣 kura ki mai
62982 TJ Always(サヨナライツカ OST) ALWAYS 中島美嘉 Mika Nakashima
61206 TJ Always~伝えたい~ Always tsutae tai Toshi
61569 TJ AM11:00 HY
60947 TJ Amazing Kiss Kwon Boa, 권보아, 權珤雅, クォン·ボア BoA
62094 TJ Ambitious!野心的でいいじゃん Ambitious! yashinteki deiijan モーニング娘。 mo^ningu musume .
61925 TJ and I love you Mr.Children Mr. Children
62521 TJ ANGEL GATE ~春の予感~ ANGEL GATE ~ haru no yokan ~ Fiction Junction YUUKA
61305 TJ angel song~イヴの鐘「かね」~ angel song ivu no kane ( kane ) the brilliant green
62492 TJ Angel Voice Fire bomber
61070 TJ Angel's tale hyde
62229 TJ ANGELUS 島谷ひとみ shimatani hitomi
61809 TJ Anniversary KinKi Kids
61177 TJ Another Days w-inds.
61530 TJ Another Life DEEN
61065 TJ Another World Gackt
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