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Episode 9: Give a Reason

by Megumi Hayashibara
Slayers Next OP

karaoke cover by dtns0, December 2, 2017
TJ Media song #61092

singer’s comments:

After Ranma 1/2, there were 2 series that pushed me over the edge of weebdom.

The first is Slayers.

Shown on ABS-CBN channel 2 on Saturday mornings, when I watched it, it was a decent enough series. The production value was pretty low, though - it had the run-of-the-mill time slot filler anime problem of getting only a small cast of dubbers (voicing multiple characters) and having its OPs and EDs removed for the sake of freeing up airtime.

Then I went online to look for info about it. Turns out Slayers was a huge multimedia franchise in Japan. Light novels that spun off multiple OVAs, series, and movies a decade before the light novel glut of the late 00’s, Megumi Hayashibara cementing the idea that getting voice actors to perform theme songs can be a good business, iconic characters with one eventually inspiring / shoved into DotA, etc.

And there we were, local anime “fans” taking for granted that we got the whole series (up to Try) just a few years after it ended. Like Ranma 1/2, learning about these bits of trivia further convinced me to take anime more seriously.

As Slayers was one of the things that separated the average TV anime consumer from the more hardcore fans, I thought about singing in what was once the mecca for fandom.

Too bad the place I originally planned to sing this had their arcade removed (for renovation?) so I had to record this somewhere else. I’ll re-record this later once an arcade opens there.

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