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Episode 11: Catch You Catch Me

by Megumi Hinata (as GUMI)
Cardcaptor Sakura OP1
karaoke cover by dtns0

recorded at Quantum Amusement, SM Bicutan, December 23, 2017
TJ Media song #61438

singer comments:

X-mas party prevented me from making a video the previous week so it’s double this week. Unlike the other time I recorded twice one day (episodes 7 & 8), I didn’t have a good alternate place in mind to record the second song.

Anyway, this song’s from Cardcaptor Sakura, another brilliant magical girl deconstruction from Clamp, the ones behind the other brilliant magical girl deconstruction, with these two being part of a series of influential magical girl deconstructions which includes Sailormoon and Madoka Magica.

Yes, it’s a deconstruction - while your typical TV consumer would just dismiss it as just another magical girl series, they missed out on a fresh take on a genre that should’ve been stale by the time CCS was released.

There’s no special meaning behind choosing SM Bicutan. It was close and I didn’t feel like going far in the middle of my holiday break.

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